Origin Story of This Blog

Angelic Eve.  Oxymoron or Truth In Advertising

Well, that remains to be seen, I guess, but basically I like a lot of “scary” stuff, like bugs, snakes, bears, spiders, and then some not so scary stuff like human rights, or, wait, is that scary too?  I’ve been involved in GLBT rights since the ’90s, which was a scary decade for a lot of us.  I am trans, I am queer (these are separate), I am a disabled person, and rather spiritual. I am a quiet introvert. I primarily do Internet activism these days, and give counsel to some younger crip folks.  This is my personal blog, dedicated to things that are sorta scary but don’t have to be, sorta like me. I’ve been called intimidating and, well, that’s up to you.  I’m not exactly an angel but then again I’m not exactly “the devil” either, but it was fun being called that. (I almost bought devil horns. I mean go big or go home, right?)  So this is a place for theoretical oxymorons like a crip with a sex drive, a medium who believes in science AND angels, and so on. (Although if you want more on that particular topic in depth I have a blog soon to be housed at disabilityandfaith.com which is on, you guessed it, disability and faith.

Actually, I’m a geek and I like boy stuff, and I’m trans and I am a female-bodied person who identifies as a geek girl and a mama bear.  (It’s called being pangender, which means I get to be all the genders possible if I want to–that’s how I feel normally and it’s awesome.  Yep…so that’s me.
One day I almost bought a snake from an acquaintance. She was a harmless corn snake who loved cuddles and scritches and I wanted to name her Eve.  This blog is also in her honor even though her food was officially not allowed in my apartment by my roommates. Since she couldn’t come home with me and be my ironically named snake, she lives on here on the Internet.  So does the “biblical” Eve (who didn’t originate in the bible, but much earlier if you ask my MUCH more Catholic than me friend P.) because she’s just fucking cool.  K? And not evil.  Cause I don’t live in a fundie paradise where all women are to be judged, even though I am not really female-identified anymore.
Enjoy your stay!

P.S.: Found this and came to this conclusion somehow about my snake without even knowing this (that’s how mediums roll, amirite?):

It has been suggested that the Hebrew name Eve (חַוָּה) also bears resemblance[6] to an Aramaic word for “snake” (O.Arb.: חוה; J.Arm.: חִוְיָא).
Thank you, wikipedia. ;)  I like being smart!

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